Farewell to our lilac zinnias

Farewell to our lilac zinnias

This year we have big plans for breeding and sadly one of those is to weed out our lilac and violet toned zinnias. These zinnias have been our favorite for a long time but we’re wanting to focus on more pinks, beige, and peachy tones this year. Though we love this color so much there was just too much of it in years past that we really don’t need more. So we will be building our seed stock of other colors for 2023. Don’t worry though if you snagged our pastel fundraiser seeds from last summer there should be plenty of lilac in your stash so make sure to seed save them if you love it. Of course we are just discontinuing them for this year you may see them again next year. 

For 2023 we will continue our seed fundraiser and you might notice this color missing as our focus shifts to other colors. Also we’re going to do things a bit differently with the seeds. Instead of compiling all the colors into one big mixed batch we will be sorting colors so that each pack will get a little of each color. It’s going to be a much more tedious process and will result in fewer packs available but we think it will be better for those of you that want to try breeding for yourselves and want a pack that has something of everything. We are also removing a percentage of our specialty whites from the fundraiser packs for 2023. Oddly enough our whites are probably the most desired so we are hoping to offer them in their own pack. 

So let’s say farewell to our lilac beauties for 2023 by admiring them in this post. 

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