Zinnias Are Our Thing!

We breed specialty color zinnias on our little farm in East Texas.

How to Hand Pollinate Zinnias

How it all Started

Our journey with breeding zinnias started about 8 years ago when Garett’s father gave us zinnia seeds from his garden. He had been growing and saving his own seed for decades and thanks to open pollination he had some amazing colors we had never seen before. One of the colors was a butter yellow that he said was his favorite. Marion wanted to isolate this color for him and so started our first colorway that we lovingly call Hal’s yellow after him. Since then we’ve added dozens of new colors some of which you can see below.

  • Crem brûlée

    This colorway is still in development we’re isolating more of a beige/taupe gene in this line. This one was crossed with our apricot colorway.

  • Apricot

    Marion grew up roaming her grndparent’s apricot orchards and this colorway reminds her of the beautifully blushed fruits she used to devour on the family farm.

  • Double Bubble

    One of our largest zinnias starts off a beautiful bright pink and fades out into a pale peachy pink.

  • Sweet 16

    Powder pink with a delicately curled petal.

  • lilac Beauty

    This was our favorite color zinnia for many years you’ll find a lot of it in lighter shades in our 2022 pastel seed fundraiser packs but it has been retired for 2023.

  • Crem brûlée

  • Mauvalous

  • Sunset

    Our best mistake yet! A beautiful color changing zinnia.

  • Mango

  • Sunset

  • Raspberry

  • Apricot Parfait

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